What Can I Do to Help in the Interim?

I don’t really like the word “interim.” It’s so “interim” sounding. The word invites stagnation and waiting instead of forward momentum.

Readers of this blog, at the moment, are a mixed group of First Baptist Church of Lafayette members as well as others who have heard about this blog somewhere along the way. I write today primarily to those FBC members.

I want to address the question of what can you do in the immediate days ahead. These are good for any time and any church, but I especially think they are true for First Baptist right now as you anticipate my departure. Here is my challenge to each of you.

  1. Show up—Nothing encourages others more than consistent, faithful attendance. Attendance always dips during the summer. A prospective new pastor is going to want to see consistent, faithful attendance patterns.
  2. Serve—If you are not currently serving in some volunteer capacity, now is the time! Be a greeter, usher, parking lot attendant, sound/media volunteer, choir member, teacher, preschool volunteer. Find a place to serve.
  3. Support with tithes and offerings—Now is the time to give and even give more. If you are behind on your tithe, catch up.
  4. Support with prayer—Pray as never before for your church.
  5. Stay—Now is not the time to check out other churches in Lafayette. Now is the time to dig in deep and believe God for the greatest days in the history of our church.
  6. Look forward to a new season with a new pastor. He’s going to be awesome!

P.S. A lot of readers have indicated that they are going to miss this blog. You are kind. I do intend to continue to blog. My writings will likely be a little different with the intention of reaching a wider audience, but I plan to continue the devotional nature of this blog on most days. Stay tuned!

One Reply to “What Can I Do to Help in the Interim?”

  1. I am so thankful you will continue the devotion! We will miss you so much, but we know as you have encouraged us to believe that God has a pastor for us! We believe that! At the same time we will miss you and your wonderful messages that have blessed us each Sunday for the last almost 14 years. We will be praying for you as you find yourself learning the many facets of your new calling by our loving God. You will be relating to all the churches in Louisiana! They will be May you be blessed as you have blessed us. Thank you Steve for your wonderful preaching, surely a gift from God and for your love through the years. You have truly blessed my heart each Sunday and Wednesday evening and I thank God for those years. Now I will be praying for you as you and your sweet family settle in your new job and new area of work. We hate to lose you but I have come to feel that you are the only man to extraordinarily fulfill this very important ministry. God bless you and your family as you seek a church for the family, get settled in Alexandria, seek a church for the family and as you learn your new calling! We love you and will miss you so m uh. Love, Mrs. Dottie

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