How to Pray for Our Pastor Search Committee

Last night, our church approved the joint recommendation of the Board of Trustees and Deacons to appoint our Personnel Committee as the Pastor Search Committee. I am so pleased with this decision. These seven men and two women have a monumental assignment. I have confidence in these nine individuals that they will go about their assignment with sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leadership. They will consider the needs of the whole church.

The members of the committee are Marc White (Chairman), Josh Proffitt, Boone Gilbert, Tom Poche, Rita Whatley, RB Trahan, Monica Hornsby, Dennis Smith, and Glenn Emfinger.

Let me outline a few items that will help them do their work with great joy.

  1. Pray for them. Your genuine prayer support for them on a daily basis is the greatest gift that you can give to them. Pray for their specific assignment of bringing before the church a pastor candidate, but also pray for them personally and their families. The adversary, Satan, wants to devour them. Stand in the gap with them against those attacks.
  2. Trust them. The second greatest gift that you can give them is to trust them. We live in a day when trust is at an all-time low. We don’t trust politicians. We don’t trust authority. We think everyone is advancing their own agenda without thought for us. Don’t let that worldly spirit creep into this relationship. Believe the best about your fellow Christians and church mates. Believe that they want nothing more than to get this exactly right. To think anything less says more about your pride than anything about them.
  3. Let them do their work. Everyone cannot be involved. No pastor candidate will enjoy an experience when others not assigned to the task get involved. You have now elected a group to do the necessary preliminary work. Let them do their work. They will keep you updated on their progress and give you ample notice of when they are prepared to bring a candidate before you.
  4. Don’t use your friendship with the members of the committee to seek confidential information from them. This is the exact opposite of true friendship.
  5. Work hard for continued unity. Police yourselves when church members criticize. Challenge one another when murmuring breaks out. Do not tolerate gossip. None of this brings unity, glorifies God, or advances the Gospel. Work extra hard at this.

I will be praying with you and for you.

3 Replies to “How to Pray for Our Pastor Search Committee”

  1. Thank you for these reminders and words of encouragement .. I have served on pastor search committees before and my heart is so heavy for these men and women and for the coming days, weeks..
    This has calmed me and reminded me to pray for them and trust that God is directing them..

  2. Reading todays post brings me to think on Hebrews 3:1a .What a joy to be partakers of the heavenly calling. To have assurance in the counsel and direction of Him who has called us.
    Though I never attended 1st Church of Lafayette, I am a part of the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and sense His call to pray for these you have mentioned.
    I am sure there are mixed emotions in this call, but am also sure there will be increased joy with each step of obedience. Thank you Brother Steve, for your tender care for His flock.

  3. Thank you for these reminders of what we should be and do! We have to remember that this process brought us Steve Horn, and will bring us God’s next chosen man for the job at hand! God has already chosen that man and will guide the search to find him!!!