Actively Living with Hope!

For the last months, I have preached through the book of 1 Peter. “Living Hope” is a phrase that we find in 1 Peter 1:3. Jesus is our Living Hope. This is the Gospel. Our salvation rests in the resurrection of Jesus. Our hope in this life rests in the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus is not only our Living Hope, He is our only hope. Because of that, we are to live holy, we are to live with hope in a hopeless world, we are to live this hope together as the church, and we are to share this hope with others. We have further learned that this Living Hope calls us to embrace even our suffering.

As most letters do, Peter ended with a list of exhortations that are the sum total of what he has said throughout the letter. The book ends on a crescendo of exhortation of how we should withstand all forms of opposition.

These exhortations that come in chapter 5 give us the right perspective that “Living with Hope” is not merely passive, but at times God calls us to engage in the battle. How do we “Live with Hope in the Midst of the Battle?”

Stand Firm against Pride!

We are to be humble toward others and ultimately toward God. The ultimate evidence of our trust in Jesus to be our Living Hope is to act in humility. Notice as we humble ourselves, we cast our cares upon Him.

But, humility is a tricky thing. Humility is the great example of the “log and the speck.” We see pride in others, but rarely see it in ourselves. We should pray as one said D.L. Moody prayed. “Lord, make me humble, but don’t let me know it.”

Stand Firm against Satan!

Notice the descriptions of Satan in 1 Peter 5:8—adversary, prowling, roaring lion, looking for anyone, and devour. Every single word ought to scare us.

Be alert and resist him!

That devil that keeps tripping you up has no power over you. He is a lion roaming to and fro seeking someone to devour, but because Jesus is our Living Hope, Satan is a toothless, clawless lion. He is a liar, and the truth is not in him. Let’s live like we have victory over Satan.

Stand Firm in the Faith!

Be strengthened by the testimony of others who have experienced suffering. (Verse 9)

Be strengthened by the Gospel. Keep preaching the Gospel to yourself. (Verse 10)