What’s Happening this Week at FBC?

Festival International is happening this weekend in Lafayette. This is a big deal. People from all over the world will be in Downtown Lafayette. Festival does present some big challenges for us. I ask you to be patient with us as we do the very best that we can to protect our parking and our property for Wednesday and Sunday. Let me encourage all of us to be kind and loving. If someone parks in our parking lot on Wednesday or Sunday, please be patient. They likely do not know that they are parking in one of our lots. Show the love of Jesus to everyone! You will be glad you did. What if someone came to Festival this year and found Jesus? Let’s pray it so!

This Sunday, we will return to our series called “Living Hope” as we consider some closing words from 1 Peter. We will also have a testimony by Eric and Gizell Simmons of how Christ has been their “Living Hope.”

Finally, we have another two weeks of opportunities to be included in the church Pictorial Directory. If you have not had your picture made yet, please go to fbclaf.org/photo or call 866-756-0281. We want every person and family involved. A complete directory is going to be a great resource for us in building relationships with one another.