The Day after Easter

The Day after Easter . . .

I am thankful for the 11 baptisms yesterday and 6 more individuals who came forward indicating a desire to follow Christ in believer’s baptism.

I am mourning the violence against Christians in Sri Lanka. One of our college students is from that city. His family is safe.

I am hurting for a pastor friend who called today with a difficult ministry situation.

I am praying for several who are waiting for important health news today.

I am hurting and praying for members of my wife’s family who have buried loved ones in the last two weeks.

I am trying to catch up from two weeks of constant activity with travel, probable ministry change, Easter week sermon preparation, and family funerals.

I had overlooked this important email from our Compassion partners. For those of you who don’t know, almost one year ago, we challenged our church to partner with a church in El Salvador through Compassion International. Over 200 of our church families are sponsoring children in this one church’s outreach. The following is an email from that church’s pastor. I hope his letter encourages you today as it did me on this day after Easter.

Dear First Baptist Church of Lafayette,

It is a great joy to greet you and wish you the most abundant blessings from our all-powerful God. We pray that you are reaping success spiritually and in your family, work, and social life.

We thank God for your heart to help our Child Development Center, Heraldos del Sinaí, where children now dream different dreams that can become a reality because of the valuable contributions you have provided.

As pastor of the Iglesia Bautista El Sinaí, I assure you that your support of this project has made a positive difference spiritually and socially in the children and in their family relationships. They receive valuable teaching and the project is sustainable. We have been able to improve the learning opportunities for the children since we now have educational supplies and toys to improve their cognitive development. We have also purchased new kitchen supplies, a first aid kit, a computer, file cabinets, shelves, desks, blackboards, and sports uniforms for the kids.

The difference in our community is remarkable because of the benefits the children are receiving. Families welcome the center and recognize it as a great benefit to the community. People have come closer to Jesus and are attending the church as an act of gratitude to the Lord because He touched your heart to bless this project. It is important for us at the development center to train children to become young people with obedience and integrity who will reflect the love of God in their lives.

I reiterate my gratitude for the work your support has made possible. I’m committed to give these great opportunities to new children and work to build a better future for their families as well. Our vision for the next three years is to receive more children and bring them better health and development in their spiritual, family, and social lives.

Infinite thanks and may our Almighty God multiply your heart a hundredfold.

Church Pastor of Iglesia Bautista El Sinaí

By the way, I am going to visit our church’s ministry there this summer. I look forward to reporting back to you all that I see and learn.

One Reply to “The Day after Easter”

  1. Bro. Steve. … thank you for your heartfelt message … I am grieving with you and Linett over your recent loss of loved ones and lifting you and your precious family up to our Heavenly Father for comfort and solace. Thank you for sharing the Compassion pastor’s letter … it is very encouraging!!!
    My heart also aches for the people of Sri Lanka … such evil in this world today … such a tragedy ???
    We are going to miss you terribly, Bro. Steve … just breaks my heart ?? to see you and your precious family leave us! Y’all have been such a blessing to our church and church family and our community!!!
    We love ?? you and wish you and your family the very best in your new endeavor!
    Love, Connie Boyer