Why Another Missions Offering?

We are in a season of giving to North American Missions with the Annie Armstrong North American Missions Offering. If you are a regular giver in our church, you have received a special envelope in March’s packet to give to this offering. There are also some envelopes in the pews for this offering. This offering supports Southern Baptist missionaries called and appointed to intentionally evangelize and plant churches in North America on behalf of Southern Baptist churches.

So, who was Annie Armstrong and why is this offering named for her? Annie Armstrong lived from 1850-1938. She was from Baltimore. Her major contributions to missions among Southern Baptists were to rally support for mission activity both in North America and around the world. She was the first executive director of the Woman’s Missionary Union. She also developed the first children’s missionary organizations teaching and inspiring children regarding missionary involvement. This annual offering has been named for her since 1934.

As we have new people joining our ranks every week, it is important to tell these stories over and over again. We must inspire new contributors to the work of ongoing evangelism in our country. Between now and Easter, give an extra gift to missions through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. If you have never given such a gift, you will be glad you did, and others will be glad you did. God-called missionaries are laboring all over our own country today in hard places doing hard things. Surely, all of us can give an offering to assist and encourage their labors.