My Thoughts Regarding SCOTUS Ruling on Louisiana Abortion Law

Last Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled against a Louisiana law that required abortion providers to have hospital admitting privileges. Friday morning, a reporter called me asking for a statement. I am grateful that all Gannett newspapers throughout the state carried my entire statement as well as the statements of other Louisiana pastors. My statement appears below. Let us pray that the Supreme Court revisits this decision. In the meanwhile, let us pray for the women who are having abortions and the doctors performing those abortions. Let’s not just be mad. In fact, let’s be compassionate. Let’s pray for the Gospel to transform their lives.

Regarding the Supreme Court decision last night to not allow a Louisiana law to go into effect to mandate that abortion providers have admitting privileges, the citizens of Louisiana should realize several things.

First, no one should be surprised that Louisiana Christians are opposed to this ruling. We seek to approach this issue and every issue through the lens of Holy Scripture. We understand clearly according to the Bible, that life begins at conception, that life is ordained by God, Himself, and that each life is precious and unique. For that reason, no one should ever be surprised that Christians, who hold to the authority of Scripture, will always be pro-life.

Second, we need to understand that this is not over. As I read and understand the Supreme Court decision, they can pick this issue back up for a more thorough hearing. Certainly, we pray that yesterday’s decision is only temporary.

Third, we need to understand that the Supreme Court decision is not logical. As diverse as we are in Louisiana, the pro-life issue is one that has overwhelming support among most people of Louisiana. This is one issue that Republicans and Democrats in Louisiana agree upon. Further, this decision fails the logic test because the law, as passed in Louisiana, actually is a support to women who may even be choosing abortion. I do not understand how anyone could be opposed to a doctor, at a minimum, having hospital admitting privileges.

We are disappointed at the moment but are encouraged that this might even further awaken the vast majority of Louisiana people who are convictional pro-life supporters.