Don’t Be Too Quick to Jump Ship

Chuck Colson writes in his book, The Faith: What Christians Believe, Why They Believe It, and Why it Matters:

We cannot treat the local church like a restaurant, picking and choosing from the menu, visiting another whenever we feel like it. Church membership involves making a covenant with fellow believers. It takes time to develop unity with others at any depth, and this never takes place, ever—not at any time or anywhere—without conflict. (P. 155)

Here is the essence of Biblical fellowship. If I am in common belief with another, I must protect against all threats of fellowship.

The first church faced a threat against their fellowship. Read Acts 6. Immediately, the leadership acted to protect against the threat of fellowship.

Have you allowed something to disrupt your fellowship with another who holds with you a common belief? Prioritize Biblical fellowship and make it right! Don’t be too quick to give up and jump ship to another fellowship. Soon will come the time when you face conflict there. The kingdom of God is better served when you apply grace to the conflict.

One Reply to “Don’t Be Too Quick to Jump Ship”

  1. I believe in staying thru conflict it always mends itself there is no perfect church we must stay and support ours