Two Things I Really Want to Know

Some years ago I pulled off the road when I heard these words so I could write them down. Pastor and author Chuck Swindoll shared them as the words from a Puritan Prayer. I thought of them again this week as I do often. Here are the two questions.

  1. Does God have a word about the matter?
  2. If God does have a word about the matter, what is it?

That pretty much simplifies living, doesn’t it?

More than what another person thinks and certainly more than what society thinks, we should care most of all what God thinks. Those who follow God should want to know and do what God says about a matter.

Sometimes knowing the will of God is as easy as reading the Bible. Other times, like discovering His will regarding a personal matter, finding His will is more difficult. In either case, we ought to want to know His will.

I heard a pastor say one time, “Most of us want to know God’s will about a matter only to consider doing God’s will.” May that not be the case!

Let us struggle to know and do God’s will.