Press On!

I have started out this year preaching from Philippians. I routinely say that my favorite book of the Bible is whatever book I am preaching from that week and my second favorite is Philippians. So, I am having fun this month re-visiting some of the most powerful truths I have ever discovered in God’s Word. This past Sunday, I preached from Philippians 3. I am especially fond of this chapter. I encourage you to take a moment and read this wonderful chapter.

I desire that my life be characterized as a forever pursuit of Christ. Verse 14 seems to be something of the apex of this whole letter:

14 I pursue as my goal the prize promised by God’s heavenly call in Christ Jesus.

We pursue Christ because Christ is worthy. We also pursue Christ because staying in pursuit of Him helps us to succeed against the constant temptation of compromise with the world.

Let this pursuit of Christ define your . . .

  1. Goals—Set as your goal the goal of Christ and pursue that goal. Realize that you are not there yet. If you think you are there, rethink that. You are not there yet.
  2. Friends—Ask God to help you to find good examples and follow those examples.
  3. Priorities—Re-order your priorities continually and re-visit those priorities regularly.

And remember this . . .

The strength of your relationship with Christ yesterday or today says nothing about the strength of your commitment tomorrow. We must press on!