Don’t Give Up?

I have been preaching through Acts for weeks in our church on Sunday nights. This book has to be my favorite of the Bible. I have preached through it before, but find myself learning again important insights. I am working through the book this time observing this one theme: “But, if it is of God.” This phrase comes from Acts 5:39. The words come from an unlikely sources—a leading Pharisee named Gamaliel.

In Acts 9, we observe several reminders of the possibilities when God is “in it.”

1. Don’t give up on impossible people. The beginning of Acts 9 reveals the conversion of Saul. We know the story. The most notorious sinner in history is converted and transformed to the most noteworthy evangelist in history. So, don’t give up on any person.

2. Don’t give up in these impossible times in which we live. Consider Acts 9:31. The church found itself in impossible times, but it was also a time of peace, strengthening, fear of the Lord, and encouragement.

3. Finally, Acts 9 reminds us not to give up in the middle of the most impossible circumstances. You are going to have to go read it for yourself, but a paralytic is healed instantly and a dead woman is brought back to life.

Now, someone is going to quickly say, “But that doesn’t happen anymore.” I have one question. Why? Where are we told these things won’t happen anymore? I don’t have all the answers but I know this—“Nothing, absolutely nothing, is impossible for God.