Your Part in God’s Grand Story

In Exodus 1 the story that ended in the last pages of Genesis continues. The story of individual faith in Genesis through the Patriarchs now becomes the story of the faith of a whole nation. The book begins by Israel building storage places for Pharaoh, but the book ends with Israel building the Tent of Meeting—the Tabernacle of God and the “glory of the Lord filling that Tabernacle.” (Exodus 40:35)

The author reminds us in verses 1-6 of the people who are in Egypt. Verse 7 is pivotal. In this one verse we get a glimpse of two amazing discoveries carried over from Genesis. First, Israel has fulfilled the creation mandate to be fruitful and fill the earth. Second, God has fulfilled His covenantal message to grow the number of descendants of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.

The story takes a dramatic twist in verses 8-22 with Pharaoh’s attempt to thwart the plans of God. Fearing the growth of the Israelites, Pharaoh increased their work load. Instead, of stopping their growth, Israel continued to multiply. Pharaoh instructed the death of Hebrew boys, first by the actions of the midwives. When this also failed to stunt Israelite growth, Pharaoh instructed that all of Egypt be involved in killing Hebrew male babies. Pharaoh’s plan is a wicked example of what happens when a person has no fear of God and no value for life.

But the story of Exodus 1 is that God’s plan prevails. God’s plan always prevails.

Think about these four truths.

1. Our story is still being written. When Genesis ends and Exodus begins, God’s story is not over. Your story is not over either.

2. Even small parts of our story have potential to become critical parts of the story. Shiphrah and Puah might have small parts, but how critical was their part in the story of God and His people!

3. Our job is not to write the end of our story, just be faithful where we are in our story. Maybe you don’t like where your story is right now. Be patient. Have faith. God is still writing your story.

4. While impossible to write the end of our story, the end is dependent on our daily decisions. Decide today to do the right thing.

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