What’s Happening this Week at FBC?

We are returning to the Book of Isaiah Sunday morning. With the exception of a few Sundays here and there for special emphases, we have been in the book of Isaiah in this latter part of the year. We are considering this book from the general theme of “Crisis,” because it is a prophetic message from a time of crisis in Isaiah’s day, focused on the nation of Israel and more precisely, Judah. To this point, we have examined the Confrontation that Comes from Crisis. That’s the tough part. But, that is only part of the story. We have also begun to see the comfort from God in the midst of the crisis.

Isaiah was the messenger of God during a part of ancient Israel’s history that is filled with crisis. Isaiah would prophesy the coming judgment of God on Israel (really Judah). But, as is so common in God’s Word, this message of God’s judgment was always tempered with the message of God’s grace. And the message of God’s grace to Israel through Isaiah is that though judgment is coming in the form of invasion of a foreign army and subsequent exile, there will be a return to the land of promise.

In sum, we can summarize this message of comfort in these broad ideas. We find our comfort in who God is, what God is doing, and Sunday, we add to that, “What God will do.”

What is God going to do? I pray that you find comfort for your crisis in “What God Will Do.” Join us on Sunday.

I want to share an important message with you Sunday night during our 6 p.m. service. I will be sharing some changes that are coming to Sunday School and worship on Sunday mornings beginning January 2019. As we pray and prepare for these changes, I want to be able to share with you why I believe these are necessary changes.

Looking forward to a great day Sunday!