What’s Happening this Week at FBC?

Wednesday nights are exciting at First Baptist Church. We have a great meal prepared by Chef Davide. In addition, there are opportunities for every age group. We also have begun hosting a local ministry partner called Escape from Poverty. This ministry is teaching, through class and mentorship, life skills that are necessary to “escape from poverty.” Every Wednesday, there are so many ways to be involved in ministry, mission, worship preparation for the Choir and Orchestra, and Bible teaching.

Dacian Moldovan
Dacian Moldovan

This Wednesday we have the special opportunity to hear from a ministry partner from Romania. Many of you know that John Frank Reeve, our Minister of Music, has been involved in ministry to Romania for many years. His primary partner in Romania is Dacian Moldovan. Dacian will share testimony of God’s activity in Romania during tonight’s 6:00 p.m. gathering.

Perhaps you have heard it said, “We are always in a crisis, just coming out of a crisis, or about to be in a crisis.” So life seems to be! And, this tests our faith or confronts our faith. That has been our theme for the last few weeks. But, in the midst of crisis, there is comfort. We will turn to Isaiah 40 Sunday to see the source of our comfort in the midst of crisis.

You are going to receive a Christmas candy cane Sunday. Yes, you read that right. It still feels like summer outside, but we are closing in on Christmas, and we need your help. This Christmas, we are putting on the Singing Christmas Tree. We need your help! Come prepared to walk down our Main Street area Sunday and sign up to be on one of our Volunteer Teams for the Tree this year. We need you!

One more thing—Sunday nights are exciting too! Our Discipleship Groups are going great! In case you missed the start of these groups in August, you have an opportunity to join a group this Sunday. One class is on prayer. Another group will be studying the book Abide in Christ. Both classes meet for seven weeks. Go to our website, fbclaf.org, and register online.