What’s Happening this Week at FBC?

If you have not been to the church on a Thursday recently, we are an extremely busy place, particularly on Thursday. In addition to our Mother’s Day Out 3 Day program and First Baptist Christian School 5 Day program, we have several other groups that meet on Thursday. Some are meeting for Bible Study. Others are meeting for the Prayer Blanket Ministry. Thursday is a very exciting day.

In addition to our usual Thursday schedule, this Thursday, September 27, is our monthly gathering of Senior Adults for Joy Club. You can join the Joy Club tomorrow in the Fellowship Hall at 11:30 a.m. for lunch and a short film! The film is 34 minutes long. The film is called, The Hobby Lobby Decision. Much like the powerful stories in ESPN’s 30 for 30 series, the RightNow Media team has captured the story of David Green and his family whose faith put Hobby Lobby in front of the Supreme Court.

In addition to that, for Joy Club this Thursday, pharmacy technicians will be on hand to administer FLU SHOTS after the meeting. Red, white and blue cards, and most insurance is accepted.

Sunday, we will have a guest preacher—Dr. David Hankins. Dr. Hankins is the Executive Director of the Louisiana Baptist Convention. I enjoy working with Dr. Hankins in our State Convention. I value his friendship and am especially grateful for his leadership in our work both on a state and national level. I know that you will hear the Word of God preached. Incidentally, we are still receiving the Georgia Barnette Offering for State Missions in Louisiana. We are just over the half-way point to our goal of $25,000. As Executive-Director for our State Convention, Dr. Hankins leads the team in charge of overseeing the disbursement of this offering.

Sunday is a 5th Sunday. We have a tradition of receiving a second offering on the 5th Sunday for purposes of benevolence in the community. We will receive this offering as we exit the Sanctuary upon dismissal. Finances are tight for everyone right now including our church’s budget, but we still believe this is a worthy offering. Give as generously as you are led.

How would you like to finish 2018 reading the New Testament? On our website, fbclaf.org, you can find a reading guide, a link to listen to the daily Bible passage, a daily devotional related to that day’s reading, and a weekly video summarizing the content of the week’s reading. Start Monday, October 1, and read the entire New Testament by the end of the year.