What’s Happening this Week at FBC?

All eyes are on the East Coast as they await the arrival of Hurricane Florence. I know you are already praying. Be ready to respond as we have opportunity and as the Lord prompts you.

This weekend our elementary school boys along with their dads and other men are at a retreat called SurvivorMan. Pray for these boys that this weekend will be the weekend that some of them make their personal decision to be a life-long follower of Jesus Christ.

I met this morning with our primary contact with Compassion. Our meeting prompts me to ask all who sponsored a child: “Have you written to your child lately?” Letter writing to our sponsored children is such a wonderful way to grow in relationship to them, know their prayer concerns, and be involved in their lives in a greater way.

Perhaps you have heard it said, “We are always in a crisis, just coming out of a crisis, or about to be in a crisis.” So life seems to be! And, this tests our faith or confronts our faith. That is our theme for the next few weeks. Sunday, we are looking at the idea of “Hitting Rock Bottom.” Our text is an unusual one in Isaiah 20. You will want to read this text a few times before coming Sunday.

Ladies, we are one week out from Refresh—our annual one-day Women’s Conference. If you have not registered, we need you to do that now. Go online or by the Information Desk in the lobby to register. We also ask you to invite your friends.

Please pray about opportunities for missions giving this month as well. We will have boxes out for the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home Annual Food Drive. In addition, September is the month of giving for Louisiana State Baptist Missions Offering. This offering is called the Georgia Barnette State Missions Offering. A gift to this offering specifically aids the joint mission endeavors of the Louisiana Baptist Convention.

One Reply to “What’s Happening this Week at FBC?”

  1. SurvivorMan is a ministry I am drawn to pray for and ask God to give a clear picture of His plan for manhood to each one who is able to be involved. It does not seem that ever in our country’s history has there been more confusion. First and foremost, come to know Christ and His power to experience His plan for His creation. Dear Lord, Pour out your grace. In Christ Name, Amen