Spiritual Lessons from Hurricanes

One of the big news stories of this week will be Hurricanes. As I write, there are three named storms in the Atlantic Region, one more area being closely monitored for tropical development, and two named storms in the Pacific Region. The most significant threat at the moment is of course, Florence, zeroing in on the North Carolina Coast.

I first began thinking about the spiritual lessons from hurricanes years ago, but I always think about these lessons when we have encounters with hurricanes. Maybe somebody needs to be reminded of these lessons today.

So, I offer these thoughts as “Top 10 Spiritual Lessons from Hurricanes.”

10. It is better to go through a hurricane in the daytime than at night.

We ought to celebrate light. Things in darkness ought to raise a red flag for us. If we are hiding something in the dark, we should be convicted, because light is always better than darkness.

9. We must learn from the past.

Much has been said about the mistakes made by all during other hurricanes. The good thing about mistakes is that we can learn from the past.

8. Advanced preparation is the key.

In all matters of life, we must get ready well in advance of the problem. The time to prepare for eternity is now. The time to prepare for God’s calling on your life is now. The time to gain spiritual maturity is now.

7. The next one is coming.

You don’t like to hear that, but it is true. The next crisis of life is coming, so…

6. We are going to have to learn to put our faith into practice.


5. Because the future is uncertain, we must know the One who holds the future.

4. It really is true what Jesus said, “Don’t Worry about tomorrow.”

3. We are all in this thing together.

Have you ever noticed that during hurricanes, we are all in it together? Why does it take something like a hurricane to cause us to remember that we need each other?

2. I will never completely understand the mercy of God.

1. Always give thanks!