Pray for First Baptist Christian School 2018

Another school year is upon us. Teachers have returned to school. Students are returning in the next week depending on the specific school.

This gives me a great opportunity to highlight the ministry of our school. This is an exciting year. In case you have lost track of the years, we will graduate our first Senior class this year. We have 10 Seniors. It seems like yesterday when we voted to expand our school to a high school, and now we have our first graduating class. Another highlight is that we have our largest enrollment ever with 307 students today enrolled to start next Monday.

Allow me to highlight a few items of prayer for our school. You add your own list to your particular situation.

  1. Pray for financial resources beyond tuition dollars. We made a commitment as a church a few years ago that we believed God was calling us to expand our school’s reach to high school. I noted at the time that my experience was that high school was about four times more expensive than elementary school. I still stand by that. We need people to come alongside of us, who believe in Christian education, to help us not put on the backs of our families these costs. Every day, I am weighed down by a list of things our school needs. Pray!
  2. Pray for new students. We need to be filled to capacity at every grade level. The financial math works much better if we are at capacity for each section that we open. Pray that God will send us students.
  3. Pray for future capital expenses. Beyond our day to day operational costs, we have inevitable capital improvement costs that have to be considered.
  4. Pray for our teachers. Pray that each one will have a special calling. Pray for their families.
  5. Pray for daily physical and spiritual safety.

I shared with our teachers on Monday morning that with great opportunity always comes great obstacles. I am reminded that any time we attempt a great work for our great God, there will be great obstacles.

Pray that when these obstacles come that we will rise up like eagles (that’s our mascot) and trust in the Lord believing He will renew our strength so that we will soar on wings like eagles, run and not become weary, walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31)