What’s Happening This Week at FBC?

We have a group of 40 kids and about 10 chaperones at Kids Missions Week at Tall Timbers. Pray for their safe return on Thursday.

After a one week break from our Parable study, we will resume Sunday with a look at multiple parables all focused on the Lord’s return. I think it will be greatly beneficial for you to read Matthew 24 and 25 before you come Sunday.

We have planned our evening service Sunday to report the various ministry highlights of the summer. You have prayed, and we want to report many exciting results. We also will take some time to share some upcoming opportunities.

Finally, Sunday is a 5th Sunday. We have a tradition of receiving a second offering on the 5th Sunday for purposes of benevolence in the community. We will receive this offering as we exit the Sanctuary upon dismissal. Finances are tight for everyone right now including our church’s budget, but we still believe this is a worthy offering. Be prepared to give as generously as you are led.