What’s Happening this Week at FBC?

First of all, I am incredibly thankful for the response that we had Tuesday night for our VBS visitation follow-up. In spite of bad weather that came through at about the same time that we had planned to gather, we still had several teams out last night to follow-up with families whose children came to Vacation Bible School last week. Please continue to pray for these families to get connected to our church. I heard about a number of families that had their first Sunday at FBC last Sunday simply because their children had attended VBS the previous week.

Some of our staff, including me, have been at the Southern Baptist Convention this week. The new president of the Southern Baptist Convention is J.D. Greear. At 45 years old, Greear is the youngest president in 37 years. If you follow this blog or me on Twitter or Facebook, you know that I voted for the other candidate, Ken Hemphill. I also want you to know that I will pray for J.D. He will need our prayers.

Overall, the Convention was encouraging. Kie Bowman, of Hyde Park Baptist in Austin, preached as fine a message as I have ever heard from Ezekiel 37. That’s the passage that is the Vision of Dry Bones. Bowman reminded us that God has a history of bringing dead things to life. Just when we might begin to believe something in our lives is dead, God breathes new life. Amen!

Please pray for our youth headed to camp at Centrifuge in Ridgecrest. Pray for safe travel and an awesome encounter with God. Pray that God will prepare them as a group to welcome our new Student Pastor in just a few weeks.

Finally, Sunday is Father’s Day, as I’m sure you know. After a regular morning schedule, we will host Scot Cameron in a concert for the 6:00 p.m. service.