Random Thoughts about Vacation Bible School

Warning: This is just for fun. Don’t judge me! There is little to no value in this particular piece, but since our church had our annual Summer Vacation Bible School this week, I have some random memories of Vacation Bible Schools in the past and fresh insight from this year’s Bible School.

1. When I was a kid I once got choked by another kid over a foosball game at VBS.

2. Again, once when I was a kid, I got stung by a bee at VBS, and because of the swelling couldn’t wear a shoe to that evening’s Family Night.

3. Yet, again, as a kid, I once went to VBS in the morning and the Bobby Paschal Ragin Cajun Basketball Camp in the afternoon. I can’t remember anything about that particular VBS, but at basketball camp, I won a trophy for “Shooting Course” Champion for my age group.

4. Yet, again, as a kid, I spent the week at my grandparent’s house the week their church was having Bible School. The only thing I remember about that week is that my grandfather, who at that stage in his life never went to church, was the crafts teacher for the boys. He was an excellent wood craftsman, so I guess that’s how he got the job.

5. Still, again, as a kid, we made a rocking chair out of clothespins. Though I haven’t seen it in a while, I bet my mom still has it.

6. As a pastor, I once spent the last week of one pastorate in Bible School, and the first week of a new pastorate in Bible School.

7. The absolute best VBS song ever was the Egyptian sounding ABC song. “To be a ‘c’ you must “abc…”

8. Over time, I certainly have seen the quality of snacks improve at VBS. My childhood VBS snacks were butter cookies or those half vanilla/half chocolate with crème filling cookies and the worst tasting Kool-Aid one can imagine.

9. My favorite pie was coconut, but after 14 straight years of coconut pies in the face to celebrate meeting our mission offering goal, not so much. I hope our missionaries are happy. ?

10. I am thankful for those who work daily writing curriculum for future weeks of Bible School. We couldn’t do VBS without these unsung heroes.
Be praying for all of the Vacation Bible Schools being held this summer. Another generation of children is being impacted through this summer’s Bible Schools. Walking the halls this week, there is still nothing quite like a room full of children singing about Jesus.

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