School Is Out for the Summer

I have to confess that even as an adult, I get a little excited when I see the last day of school. Many kids in our area are out already. Our church’s school, FBCS, will have an awards program tomorrow at 10 a.m. and thus begin summer vacation.

Last Tuesday, I attended our school’s Kindergarten graduation. We have a tradition at the end of letting each graduate go to the microphone and say what they want to be “when they grow up.” I always love hearing their answers. Their responses signal something of what they have learned and also who influences them. We heard the usual policeman, teacher, veterinarian, and football player. At our Christian school, we have a few aspiring missionaries, which thrills my heart. This year, one little girl said she wanted to be a “cheerleader.” This got a laugh from the audience. I had an immediate thought. Though I take her answer to be quite literal, I hope in that group of graduates that we have lots of cheerleaders in a more figurative manner. You know why? Our world could use more cheerleaders—more encouragers. The job of critic is well spoken for. We have our limit on critics. What we could use are more cheerleaders.

My pastor friends are forever saying things to me like, “You like having a school?” Or some might say, “Why do you do that?” Here is my answer in the best way I know how to give it to you. Our principal just called me to remind me of the answer. This school year, we had 28 students to profess their faith in Jesus. Many of these sealed that decision in prayer with their teacher. That’s why we do it.

To Him alone be all glory!