This Weekend is the Compassion Experience

This weekend is the Compassion Experience. I am excited about introducing this ministry and missions opportunity with you. I want to thank you for your trust in me in bringing the Experience to our church and the opportunity to challenge our church in this ministry. You may have some questions about Compassion International and why we are doing this, so let me see if I can help.

Why are we doing this? Without sounding over-spiritual, the short answer is that I believe that this is something that God would want us to do. I have built a relationship with Compassion over several years. John Carswell of Compassion, who you will meet Sunday, is a person I have grown to trust. A couple of our members traveled with John to Honduras last December. They came back excited about the possibilities. We have taken this very slow, but I believe that now is the time to dive in completely.

Why are we doing something beyond the scope of our cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention? This is a great question and one that I have wrestled with internally for quite some time. First, why not? We are not taking away from our support of those mission efforts. Secondly, we have noticed that the younger generation of believers is seeking hands-on mission projects in an effort to teach their children about the needs of the world. I do not see this as contradicting our mission efforts through our historical SBC relationships. Rather, I see this as beginning an exciting new partnership.

If you have other questions, I hope that you will contact me directly.

Help us meet our initial goal of sponsoring 200 kids.

Please go to and make your reservation to go to the Compassion Experience. Invite lots of people to come with you. We have over 1700 people signed up to come, but we have room for more, especially on Friday and Monday.

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