We Are Hosting the Compassion Experience

We have a great opportunity on May 18-21 to partner with Compassion International to host “The Compassion Experience.” Visitors to The Compassion Experience step into the life of a child who has suffered under the crippling weight of poverty. But the journey does not end there. In the span of less than 30 minutes, they will travel with that child from hardship to hope. And in the midst of hope, they will watch that child’s story transformed through the support of Compassion and the child’s life-giving relationship with a sponsor.

The Compassion Experience will challenge your views of poverty, transform your understanding of the world, and move you to be the change for a child that just needs someone to believe in them.

For us at First Baptist Church, we have the added blessing of joining Compassion as a church family to partner with another church family in the country of El Salvador. If you are a member of FBC, Lafayette, and commit to sponsoring a child through Compassion, you will be matched with a child in El Salvador. We look forward to future opportunities to travel together to El Salvador and meet the children we will be sponsoring.

Help us meet our initial goal of sponsoring 200 kids.

Please go to fbclaf.org/compassion and make your reservation to go to the Compassion Experience. Invite lots of people to come with you.