Pizza, Gossip, and a Proverb

I heard about this irate Domino’s Pizza customer. When he opened his pizza box, all he saw was bread. He called the store, asked for the manager, and began his tirade. “You have delivered me a pizza with no ingredients—no cheese, no toppings, no sauce. All that is here is the dough.”

Quickly, seeking to de-escalate the call, the manager said that he could not imagine what had happened, but assured the customer that he would get a pizza to him as quickly as possible and refund the money. The customer, continuing in his disgust, said that would be too late. As a parting shot, he added that he would never be ordering again from that Domino’s or any Domino’s for that matter. Feeling vindicated, the man returned to the pizza box to bring it to the trash. That’s when he noticed.

He had opened the box UPSIDE DOWN.

Have you ever opened something upside down? Not a pizza box! What about a story? Someone told you a story. That person told you things that you could hardly believe.

“He did this, and then she said that, and then you’re not going to believe the next part, but then the pastor got involved, and he did this.” You’ve heard it a hundred times. And, you believed it.

Could I beg a favor? Next time, just consider, that possibly the pizza box got opened upside down. That didn’t happen. She didn’t really say what you were told she said. And, the pastor didn’t really do what was reported that he did.

Consider Proverbs 18:17. “The first to state his case seems right until another comes and cross-examines him.”

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