Governor’s Prayer Breakfast 2018

Reese R. Kauffman
Reese R. Kauffman
I attended Wednesday the 54th Annual Governor’s Prayer Breakfast. I have been attending for the last several years. I have never walked away from that meeting disappointed. The organization, prayer program, music, and keynote speaker every year has been incredible. This year’s prayer meeting was no exception. Lafayette’s own, Lauren Daigle, stirred the crowd with her talent, a video tribute of Billy Graham’s visit to Tiger Stadium in the 1970s moistened my eyes, and Childhood Evangelism Fellowship president, Reese Kauffman, brought quite a challenging and convicting keynote address.

I want to share with you today a little about Mr. Kauffman’s message. He presented an extended metaphor of our lives as being in a car driving down the road.

Our eyes are fixed, first of all, on the windshield. Often in life, we become preoccupied with all of the obstacles that are fixed in front of us. The potholes, traffic, construction can sometimes be paralyzing even while at times exciting.

Our eyes are also fixed on the rearview mirror. We have a rearview mirror in life also. Mr. Kaufmann presented the positive of this rearview look. Indeed, all of us are the products of the wonderful people of our past. Mr. Kaufmann told several rearview stories of his life. As he spoke and I listened, I couldn’t help but think of some of those folks in my own life—teachers, coaches, members of churches that I have pastored, and friends. All of these are part of who I am today.

There is a negative to the rearview of life though. Sometimes, we allow the mistakes, pain, problems, and yes, even people of our past weigh us down and paralyze us from today’s possibilities.

But, then Mr. Kaufmann said this: “Don’t let what is ahead of you or behind you distract you from what is in the car with you. Wow! What multiple applications! I take this to mean, first of all, the people who are in the car with me now. That is our family. Our first goal of discipleship is in our homes. Second, there is the present for us. We aren’t promised the future and we can’t do anything about the past, but praise God, we have today!

Thank you, Mr. Kaufmann. I needed that good word.

In the spirit of this week’s Governor’s Prayer Breakfast, continue to pray with me for our Governor and State Legislature.