My Personal Reflections on Today’s Governor’s Prayer Breakfast

Today was the 54th Annual Governor’s Prayer Breakfast. I have been attending for the last several years. I have never walked away from that meeting disappointed. The organization, prayer program, music, and keynote speaker every year has been incredible. Today was no exception. Lafayette’s own, Lauren Daigle, stirred the crowd with her talent, a video tribute of Billy Graham’s visit to Tiger Stadium in the 1970s moistened my eyes, and Childhood Evangelism Fellowship president, Reese Kauffman, brought quite a challenging and convicting keynote address.

Jim Denison
Jim Denison
I will share more about that perhaps in a subsequent post, but today I want to share a more personal word. Three years ago at this same meeting, I was introduced to the ministry of Jim Denison. Since that day three years ago, I have read him practically every day. I have introduced others to his ministry as well. I can’t think of a day when I have said, “I don’t believe that.” Most days, my thought is “I wish that I would have written that.”

God used him again today. His full article is here, Allow me to lift the quote that grabbed my heart. In reference to Billy Graham, Denison cited Graham telling a reporter about his greatest fear. Graham said, “That I’ll do something or say something that will bring some disrepute on the gospel of Christ before I go.”

Oh, to live with such fear. Join me today in living in this kind of healthy fear of God.

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