What is Truth?

The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year in 2016 was “post-truth.” But asking “What is truth?” is not a new idea. Pilate asked the same question as he condemned Jesus to crucifixion. (John 18:33-40)

“What is truth” is an important question. This question has several layers.

First, can we even know real truth? Many in our culture today ascribe to a philosophy that we cannot know real truth. I can sympathize as to why they feel this way. They have been let down so many times by those who have supposedly been pointing them to the truth. Then, there is the ever expanding phenomena of “fake news” and outright lying by those whose job it is to report the facts. In spite of these hurdles, I have come to the conclusion that real truth does exist. We may have trouble knowing the truth, but real truth has to exist.

If we believe that real truth does exist, the next question regards, “Is Jesus the truth?” “In terms of Jesus, we can know the truth. His life, death, and burial all point to His being the truth. His miracles lay a foundation for His message. The eyewitness accounts of His resurrection offer credible proof. The eyewitnesses were willing to die believing that He really lived, really died, and really came back to life. I have come to the place to believe that Jesus is the truth. I believe this intellectually, logically, and by faith.

The third question regards me. If Jesus is the truth, what difference should that make in my life? I should both practice and preach the truth.

We must come to find that truth is a Person-Jesus. Once we find this truth, we must practice and preach truth while being patient with those still searching for truth.

(This post is based on the message “What Is Truth?” which you can watch at fbclaf.org/video)

2 Replies to “What is Truth?”

  1. That was a great message! Thank you for expanding my mind and my heart on ” What is Truth!”. Last night your message on Isaac was equally as great and a challenge to me on having more faith!
    Thank you, Steve.