Jesus Touched More Than Their Eyes

Jesus announced to His disciples that they were going to Jerusalem. He tried to explain that in Jerusalem, He would be condemned to death, beaten, and ultimately crucified. As they travelled to Jerusalem with a crowd following, two men cried out from the side of the road. The crowd rebuked them, but the men cried even louder. Then something happened…Jesus stopped. A short conversation ensued. Jesus said, “What do you want me to do for you?” “We want our sight.” Three things immediately happened. He touched them, they regained their sight, and then they followed Him.

Jesus healed the blind men because He cared for them. He healed them because they asked with faith, humility, and out of desperation. But he ultimately healed them because He desired for them to follow Him. I am intrigued with the original language of this text. The word for eyes in verse 34 is not the same word that is used for eyes in verse 33. The word used in verse 33 is the familiar word, used 100 times in the New Testament. The word in verse 34 is a peculiar word used only one other time in the NT. Is there any significance? It may be hard to say for sure, but the word used in verse 34 is used in non-biblical sources in reference to the “eyes of the soul.” Perhaps Matthew is saying, Jesus touched their eyes, and at the same time He touched their souls. The result was that they followed Jesus. In fact, Mark records that Jesus said, “Go” as in “Go your way.” Their way was to follow Jesus.

Think on these things today.

1. God loves us more than we can imagine.

Jesus stopped. The crowd is following. The crowd seeks to silence the two blind men. The cross is before Him, but He stopped.

2. God longs for a heart that asks with proper motives.

The blind men are great examples of the saying, “You don’t know that Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you’ve got.”

3. God lifts us out of our earthly circumstances so that we might follow Jesus as Lord.

You can’t imagine God’s love for you. Those of you who feel far away, you cannot imagine His love. He is pursuing you. He is pursuing you today. To those of you who have followed Jesus for a long time, don’t ever forget or doubt His love. To all of us, He calls us to follow Him as Lord. This is not just a title. “Lord” reflects a testimony of following Him in every decision of life.

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