Getting Ready for Easter

Those who come to our church have grown accustomed to my asking, “So What?” at the conclusion of my messages. I fell into this practice a few years ago as the result of making sure that every message ends on a note of action. As I routinely say, “We gather not so much for information, but for transformation.”

As we journey toward Easter this year, we are going to pursue what I would call the ultimate “So What” preaching series. My preaching series beginning this Sunday through the week after Easter will be “Easter! So What?” We will be considering several questions surrounding the Easter accounts in the Bible. Some of the questions come from Jesus. Other questions come from the disciples. A few of the questions come from adversaries of Jesus like Pilate. Many of the questions are our questions. I think you will discover that every question impacts us. That is, all of the questions cause us to ask “So What?”

I hope that you will pray specifically during this Easter season. Pray for your preacher. Pray for your own participation. Pray for those you could invite to join you.