Because God Says, “I Will Help You”

I have a confession. I need lots of help. Sometimes, I am slow to acknowledge that I need help, but I need help with so many things in life. And then, I read a great promise that God gave to Isaiah as recorded in Isaiah 41:10. In the midst of a string of glorious statements, God simply says, “I will help you.”

Think of that. The God who flung the stars in space, the God who set the boundaries of the land and oceans, the God who keeps His universe in motion says, “I will help you.”

Hudson Taylor
Hudson Taylor
Hudson Taylor was a great pioneer in missions, living between 1832 and 1905. His missionary organization was called the China Inland Mission. It is believed that at one time 1/5 of all missionaries to China were in the China Inland Mission. Taylor’s life was wrought with great difficulty. He struggled with poor health and depression. His wife died at age 33 and 4 of their 8 children died before they were 10 years old. In addition to these personal crises, there was the constant strain of finances being dependent upon others. But, Taylor trusted in God as his provider in a most radical way. At one point in the ministry, Taylor believed that God was leading him to grow the organization and invite other missionaries to China. In a letter to a friend, Taylor wrote, “We have 27 cents and all of the promises of God.”

And that is enough! Let Him help you today.

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