As You Enter 2018 Is It Well with Your Soul?

“It is Well with My Soul” is one of the most beloved hymns of all time. Most know that it is a hymn born in pain. Horatio Spafford was born in 1828 and lived 60 years before he died of malaria. He was a Chicago lawyer. He lived through the Chicago fire of 1871. In 1873, his wife and four daughters left on a vacation to Europe. At the last minute, Horatio stayed behind in Chicago. The ship they were aboard collided with another vessel. Only his wife was spared. In fact she telegrammed her husband from London two words, “Saved alone.”

Out of this tragedy came the words to the hymn “It is Well with My Soul.” I want to take the words of that hymn today and turn it into a question for all of us—“Is it well with my soul?” As we close this year and look to another, what do you answer to the question, “Is it well your soul?”

Let a Bible passage guide your answer. Isaiah 6 records for us one of the great scenes of the Bible. For Isaiah, all was not well. King Uzziah was dead. The habitual sins of his nation, Judah, could not escape the notice of a holy God. The Assyrians were on the virtual doorstep. But from Isaiah, we learn that all does not have to be well for all to be well with our souls.

Isaiah 6 shows us that all being well with our souls depends upon our answer to three questions.

Is it well with our worship?

Are we addressing our sin with confession and cleansing from God?

Are we fulfilling God’s call for our lives?

Let’s enter 2018 focused on worship, repentance, and fulfilling God’s call.

2 Replies to “As You Enter 2018 Is It Well with Your Soul?”

  1. Glory ! “All does not have to be well for all to be well with our soul”.
    Read Proverbs 13:4 ESV this morning. If one has been saved through Christ alone being “diligent ” in these things you have listed will make one spiritually “fat”…. all those good things like joy and peace and purpose. Have a blessed New Year Brother Steve.