What Translation of the Bible Do You Use?

An often asked question of me is “What translation of the Bible do you use in preaching?” I realize that people are not only curious, but they enjoy following from the translation that I am using in the pulpit.

For several years, my answer has been the Holman Christian Standard Bible or HCSB. This is a translation that is produced by our Southern Baptist partners at Lifeway. More recently, I have added to my answer, “But don’t go out and buy one.” My reason for the answer is that I knew that I would be changing translations. My change is being prompted by the discontinuation of the HCSB. Lifeway has produced a new translation, and as a result, dropping the printing of the HCSB. The new translation is called the Christian Standard Bible or CSB. The differences are extremely minor, but different enough to necessitate a change in my use in public reading and preaching.

So, on January 7, I will begin preaching from the new Christian Standard Bible or CSB. Several things are worth noting as we make this change.

• The last quarter’s Sunday School books contained the CSB, so you are already somewhat familiar.

• This is a very good and readable translation.

• All translations of the Bible are just that—translations. Certainly no one is altering the Holy Word of God. Translations are based on the original Hebrew and Greek, and the CSB is no exception. You can be confident that you are reading a most reliable translation of the original text of Scripture.

• We have purchased new pew Bibles, so you can follow along with the translation that I will be using while you make a decision as to whether you would want to purchase your own copy of this translation.

• You should be able to access the CSB on any online Bible tool. Just look for Christian Standard Bible or CSB.

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