We Sure Could Use a Little Good News Today

We sure could use a little good news today. We could use a little hope. Our nation is in a state of deplorable downward-spiraling morality. It’s like we are living in the time of the Judges again—“everyone is doing what is right in their own sight.” Then there is the threat of North Korea. Then, there is the threat of where the next terrorism strike will occur. Then, there are things like the church shooting in Texas and fires in California. On and on we could list the bad news.

Then there is the personal bad news you might be facing.

We sure could use a little hope. That’s the same thing Isaiah faced. Remember that classic line that begins Isaiah 6, “It was the year that King Uzziah died.” That might not mean much to us, but it meant everything in Isaiah’s time.

Where do we find hope?

We find hope where Isaiah found hope. Let his prophesy guide us.

Isaiah 9:6-7 and Isaiah 53, both pointing to the future Messiah, find their fulfillment in Jesus.

We find our hope in the promise of the Messiah. We might say it this way. We find our hope in Christmas. Because Christmas, the coming of Christ into our world means…

A personal relationship with Christ is possible.

What does that look like? He is our . . .

• Wonderful Counselor
• Mighty God
• Eternal Father
• Prince of Peace

A perpetual reign of Christ is promised.

This reign of Christ is both now and forever. The Lord Almighty reigns! But there is coming a day, when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that “Jesus Christ is Lord.”

Here’s what I want us to remember. We must wait and anticipate that second coming of Christ with the same faith that those Godly ones waited and anticipated His first coming.

This promise helps us to live by faith that Christ is coming to make all that is now wrong, then right.

Which kingdom are we going to serve? Are we going to serve the kingdom of this world which is passing? Or are we going to serve Christ and the kingdom which cannot pass away?

A perfect redemption in Christ is provided.

Isaiah rightly pointed to the ultimate reason for Jesus’ coming—to be our Savior. He, the perfect one, took upon Himself our sin so that we might have forgiveness of sin, freedom of sin, abundant life, and eternal life.

With Jesus, there is always hope!

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