My Fun Look at Thanksgiving

Yesterday on this blog I mentioned that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I thought I might give you a fun glimpse at why that is true. I hope none of you think in any way that this list takes away from the spiritual meaning of Thanksgiving. But, beyond the spiritual implications of Thanksgiving, let me offer this fun list.

1. Football—Ok, so those who know me well knew this was going to be on the list somewhere, so let me get it out of the way now.

2. Food—I could take or leave the turkey, but I love the side dishes, especially the cornbread dressing.

3. Great Childhood Memories—I have great memories of throwing the football in my great grandmother’s front yard, even the year that I caught my dad’s elbow instead of the football. Yes, we missed lunch and went to the ER instead.

4. Great Childhood Memories II—I grew up with the tradition of fishing on the Friday following Thanksgiving with my dad and granddad. The ham sandwich wrapped in that wax paper prepared by my MamMaw that was our lunch on the lake was the best!

5. Engagement—I asked Linett to marry me on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving in 1991. She said “Yes!”

6. Newborn—Josh was born on November 18, 1997, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving came on the next week. That quiet, simple Thanksgiving was the best!

7. Travelling—We are not travelling this year, but often have travelled. Getting away has always been fun for us in the midst of our busy lives.

8. Basketball—For the last four years, I have enjoyed watching Josh play in a High School basketball tournament. Now that he has graduated, I am missing that this year, but I will forever cherish that time of watching him play high school athletics.

9. Kick-off of Christmas Season—By the end of the week, Linett will be playing Christmas music in the car and house. We might even break out the decorations.

10. Simplicity—I love Thanksgiving for its simplicity most of all.

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