The Pledge

Dr. Waylon Bailey, of course, gave us the Presidential Commission which has led us to adopt 10 action steps. Groups have been making progress on many of these initiatives.

One of the initiatives on my heart, and something that I think I can give leadership to, is helping us to develop a plan to challenge churches to increase their Cooperative Program support.

Though there will be other planks to the commitment, we want to challenge our friends to increased support to CP. Our plan will be a variation of the SBC 1% Challenge. Here is the challenge. If current CP giving is …

o Less than 3%, the challenge will be to go to 5%.
o 3-8%, the challenge will be to increase 2%.
o 8-9.9%, the challenge will be to get to 10%.
o greater than 10%, the challenge will be to not decrease and to increase “as God leads.”

We want to realize these gains by 2020, so the jump does not have to be made all at once.

My first step was to involve a Steering Committee of 5 plus the two vice-presidents of the LBC. This Steering Committee recruited five additional pastors to serve on their team. If all goes according to plan, we have the potential of having close to 300 pastors committed to The Pledge before the annual meeting.

Would you consider taking The Pledge? Here is what we are asking?

1) Take the challenge to lead your church to increased CP giving according to the above chart.

2) Seek out 1-3 pastors in your network to challenge to join you in taking the Pledge.

3) Be at the annual meeting to participate in a public display of this commitment.

If you would like to be a part of the Pledge, simply e-mail me at

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