In Order to Do Something You Have to Dream Big

In my continued encouragement to us to “Do Something,” I wanted to share this quick story with you.

IMG_1036smallI attended a couple of graduations this week. One was the kindergarten graduation of our own school, First Baptist Christian School. We have a tradition at our kindergarten graduation to allow every graduate to go to the microphone at the end and say what they want to do when they grow up. It is really a sweet time. I noted innocence, creativity, variety, and most of all big dreams in the responses.

The first little girl said she wanted to be a principal. Completely opposite, the next little boy said he wanted to be a clown. I intend to ask his teacher if he is already showing signs. I was astonished that four said they wanted to be preachers. One confidently said he wanted to be a marine. There were those who wanted to be singers, artists, models, farmers, athletes, chefs, dentists, pediatricians, and veterinarians. I voiced a prayer for all that they would continue to allow God to shape them, dream big, and ultimately be who He wants them to be.

As I thought about the dreams, I also thought about how most reflected influence. Someone is influencing these 6 year olds. Let these responses be a subtle reminder that someone is always watching.

These responses also offer me hope. There is sometimes much in our culture to declare hopelessness about, but seeing these graduates fills my heart with optimism.

I pray that these little kindergarten graduates will have every opportunity to continue to “do something” great for God.

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What’s Happening This Week at FBC?

Tonight (Wednesday) we have a wonderful opportunity to hear from our friend Pat Melancon. Pat is in town with some family events. Pat is instrumental in the work of the Baptist Global Response. He has been hard at work over the last weeks in the recovery efforts in Nepal. He will give us a great first-hand look at what is happening in Nepal. I hope to see you tonight.

This Sunday, we conclude our series on “Defining Moments.” Since we started this series by considering the defining moment of birth, it seems appropriate to conclude with the defining moment of our deaths.

By the end of this week, we will be only one week away from the beginning of Vacation Bible School. We owe a big “thank you” to everyone who has already volunteered. We need everyone to now be fully engaged not only in praying, but also involved in inviting children. All church members can do us a big favor by registering your children in advance.

The youth will participate in their “Spirit Week” Weekend beginning on Friday, May 29 through Sunday May 31. This is a big weekend to kick-off a summer of ministry. Parents of youth, please encourage your student to participate in this kick-off weekend.

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Taking Action on Difficult Matters and on Difficult Days

Earlier today, the Civil Law Committee in the Louisiana House of Representatives voted to disallow bringing House Bill 707, also referred to as the “Marriage and Conscience Act,” to the full House. In effect, this vote kills the full debate on this bill during this session.

I want to thank everyone who contacted representatives, especially those representatives who were committee members, in the last few days. While the decision is disappointing, our ultimate trust is in the Lord. Furthermore, our ultimate allegiance is to the Lord.

Proverbs 24:10 is a proverb that has been hanging with me as of late. We read, “If you do nothing in a difficult time, your strength is limited.” (HCSB) It is easy to sign off on the popular opinions of the day. We step out on a limb when the opinions are not so popular. However, we are only as strong as when we decide to act in the most difficult times.

Whether in our families, our churches, our communities, our convention, or our country, let us all be firm in our resolve to act when we can regardless of the difficulty of action.

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