What’s Happening this Week at FBC?

Sunday, we will celebrate what God has done in the past year and look forward to what is to come. For this one Sunday, we will gather in one service at 10:00 a.m. In addition to singing and preaching, we will baptize and share together in the Lord’s Supper.

We will have some breakfast items in Fellowship Hall at 9:00 a.m. God is pleased, and we are blessed by this gathering of the church. One of the disadvantages of our regular schedule is that we do not get to experience the joy, worship, and decisions that are made in the other service. The truth is that both services are doing well and week by week are very exciting. Since we had this service last year, both services have grown in attendance. Both services give evidence of God powerfully at work in our church, individual lives, and community. We don’t always meet those of the opposite service to the one we might attend. I hope that you take the opportunity this Sunday to connect to someone whom you have never met.

hebrew-hero-web headerOn the following Sunday, September 13, we launch an effort that we are calling the “Hebrews Initiative.” The Hebrews Initiative consists of several components: a daily Bible reading plan, a daily prayer objective, a weekly Scripture to memorize, the Sunday School lesson, and both the morning and evening messages for 12 weeks. I am very excited to get started. Make sure you get your reading and prayer guide Sunday! The guided reading and prayer schedule begins on Monday, September 7th.

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Building an Altar is Just the Beginning

2015-08-30 Altered by the Altar--720 x 480Yesterday, we concluded a sermon series that we called “Altered by the Altar.” We examined the phrase “built an altar” in Genesis.

Noah built an altar. When Noah exited the ark after the flood, the sensible response was to build an altar and worship. Next, we learned that worship is not only a right response, but it is a right priority in our lives. Both Noah and Abraham immediately built an altar. With much work to do (Noah when he exited the ark and Abraham in moving to a new place) immediately built altars and worshipped the Lord. Next, we learned that some altars are hard. Such was the case with Abraham when he offered his son Isaac on the altar of sacrifice. Only at that last possible moment did God say, “That’s enough, now I know that you fear Me.” Then, we moved on to Isaac. He also built an altar. With Isaac, we learned that we pass down to our children and grandchildren, the next generation, values and priorities about worship. I challenged us to think about what we are passing down to the next generation about worship. With Jacob, after his dream, we learned that any place can become an altar. He took his pillow and made it a pillar of worship. Jacob built a second altar. We were reminded that we cannot be deceived by the altar. That is, we can be in the right place (like a worship service) but that does not mean that our hearts are in the right place.

Yesterday, we concluded by examining Jacob’s third altar as recorded in Genesis 35. I encourage you to read Genesis 35:1-15. In this message, I said, “Building an altar is just the beginning.” At least three things should happen when we worship.

    Worship ought to be a place where I remember God’s covenant.

    Worship ought to be a place where I renew my commitments.

    Worship ought to be a place where I receive new challenges.

If you are interested in watching the full sermon, you can go to www.fbclaf.org.

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A Few Reminders for FBC Folks

right now web bannerSunday, at First Baptist Lafayette, we introduced a media resource called Right Now Media. As introduced Sunday, this resource offers over 10,000 video resources on a variety of Christian subjects. We believe that this can be a great tool in each person’s individual discipleship process. If you have not signed up, let me encourage you to do that now. If you did not receive an e-mail invitation, we likely did not have an accurate e-mail for you. However, you can go to fbclaf.org/rightnow and that will bring you to a sign-up page.

Second, we are still looking for testimonies about your personal “Do Something” journey. Tell us briefly what you committed to do this year and what God has done in your life as you have worked on and accomplished your commitment. Simply send your testimony to steve.horn@fbclaf.org.

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