School Is Out for the Summer

I have to confess that even as an adult, I get a little excited when I see the last day of school. Many kids in our area are out already. Our church’s school, FBCS, will have an awards program tomorrow at 10 a.m. and thus begin summer vacation.

Last Tuesday, I attended our school’s Kindergarten graduation. We have a tradition at the end of letting each graduate go to the microphone and say what they want to be “when they grow up.” I always love hearing their answers. Their responses signal something of what they have learned and also who influences them. We heard the usual policeman, teacher, veterinarian, and football player. At our Christian school, we have a few aspiring missionaries, which thrills my heart. This year, one little girl said she wanted to be a “cheerleader.” This got a laugh from the audience. I had an immediate thought. Though I take her answer to be quite literal, I hope in that group of graduates that we have lots of cheerleaders in a more figurative manner. You know why? Our world could use more cheerleaders—more encouragers. The job of critic is well spoken for. We have our limit on critics. What we could use are more cheerleaders.

My pastor friends are forever saying things to me like, “You like having a school?” Or some might say, “Why do you do that?” Here is my answer in the best way I know how to give it to you. Our principal just called me to remind me of the answer. This school year, we had 28 students to profess their faith in Jesus. Many of these sealed that decision in prayer with their teacher. That’s why we do it.

To Him alone be all glory!

What’s Happening this Week at FBC?

If you are connected in any kind of way to children in school, you know that school is winding down for the summer. Many students are finished, and all will be finished by week’s end. Indeed, this is an exciting time.

We are finishing a great school year at FBCS. We will hold the year end Awards Ceremony Friday at 10 a.m. I am thankful for a great school year and look forward to our largest enrollment in school history when we return in August. Be praying for a few more students, especially in our high school.

As school gets out and family travel begins, let me urge you to make a commitment to your church family. Let’s have a great summer. When you are in town, be in your place. Now is a great time to renew your commitment. Renew your commitment to something that you have let slide. For some that might be a commitment to Sunday night service. For others that might be a commitment to Sunday School. Let’s have great attendance this summer. I will work hard in preparing to preach and lead worship. Let’s all work hard with faithful attendance.

This Sunday morning, we will continue our Summer Series on the Parables of Jesus. You can prepare by reading Matthew 13:44-46. These three verses actually give us two parables. Also, on Sunday, we have an exciting announcement about our next Student Minister. Don’t Miss!

We are now only a little over one week away from the beginning of Vacation Bible School. We owe a big “thank you” to everyone who has already volunteered. We need everyone to now be fully engaged not only in praying, but also involved in inviting children. As you pray, don’t forget about our evening plans for youth called “Spirit Week.” All church members can do us a big favor by registering your children in advance.

Thank You Church

I don’t tell our church often enough what an amazing people you are, and how thankful I am to be your pastor. No, we are not perfect. We sometimes stumble, fall, doof and say the wrong things. However, this weekend reminded me again what a great church you are.

First Baptist Church El Sinai in the town of Santa Catarina Masahuat, El Salvador

Your response to the Compassion Experience Weekend has been phenomenal. As I write on late Monday afternoon, we are 14 short of reaching our goal of sponsoring all of our assigned children from our church partner in El Salvador. I have no doubt that we will find sponsors for those remaining kids by next Sunday. This is incredible! I am thankful!

No doubt many of you were moved by the Compassion Experience exhibit. Others certainly were moved by the testimony in Sunday’s morning service. Others have been thinking for some while about doing something like this. But, I also know something else, which challenges me, checks me, humbles me, and quite frankly, scares me a little bit. For some of you, the biggest contributing factor for sponsoring a child is because I asked you. If that is you, please know that I am thankful and will never take that kind of response for granted. I will always be careful to lead us to do as God calls.

As we begin this new sponsorship journey, please be challenged that praying for your child is a most important component of this program.

Thank you again. Sunday was a great day!